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So I went off this morning a bout HS here

because I keep saying , I don’t want to PUNISH HIM . I want to protect and build for US .

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I want a better world.

for me specifically, me locationally, me intersectionally, me connectedly.

As a singular person, as resident of these communities I move through, as a member of the categories I inhabit,have lived, will live, may want to live, lived and never want to love again. As a friend, a child, a family member, as a loved one, as a lover of ones, as a citizen, as a bystander, as an audience. I want each moment , to be as good or better, I want it to feel good, and safe , like I’m in control.

After these past couple months, but culminating over these YEARS of blogging, I keep getting asked that and it’s always felt like a weapon?

“ What do you want?" 


What do you actual want instead of complaining you whining crying black, fat, do nothing not good enough attention seeking stupid hating ass hater?

Now I am being asked that question in love. 

And it requires pause.

I think all of us who do the work in a certain way do that .

” If things get better for ( insert my groups here). My personal wants will too and I’ll do good , so let me sublimate those and focus on the goal"

Most of my heroines did that , work tirelessly fiercely , develop strong careers , enduring reputations, godlike patience and incredible praise . Tinged with the sorrow of how often it was personally taxing or unstable, seemingly alone.

What I want from WAM/Seal Press/Blogging/ Femfuture/Hugo/femfuture retreat/ etc …

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To everyone who’s been asking, here’s Blackamazon’s answer to the “what do you want?” question. Click through to read the rest.

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