What’s up this week? Gay Pride Amsterdam edition

So, I’ve been invited to join the Gay Pride Parade next Saturday. Ten years ago, the same sex marriage law was approved in The Netherlands and since it was an initiative of D66, this year is a big deal for celebrating. The Party is organizing a bigger than usual presence in the canal Parade and there are 70 people picked by the person in charge of the organization, mostly the Party activists that got the law approved back then, the Party members of City Council and Parliament (hi Vincent!). And I have a spot! (it is a big deal because EVERYONE wanted a spot on that boat).

What this means now is that I have to try on the “special clothes” (I am not giving away the details so as not to ruin the surprise) and worse of all, I need to learn the choreography! Jesus, that’s going to be tough. Not because it is particularly complicated (it was designed with politicians in mind, so, you know, it won’t be something out of a Madonna video) but because I am particularly clumsy at this stuff. We will also have a professional DJ on the boat. And, there will be a documentary crew from the UK filming the whole thing and aside from that, just between half a million and one million people watching the boats parade through the canals. You know, no biggie. Just the eyes of Europe looking at me being all uncoordinated.

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