White cis men in feminist spaces: episode one million

As seen in Feministe, on a post written by DrRubidium, Woman of Color scientist about the issues faced by DNLee5, another Black woman scientist who was called “an urban whore”*:


I really, truly need to understand this phenomenon: what exactly drives a cis, white man to a feminist space so that he can mansplain sexism to the ladies? (And yeah, I had to say something because WTF is up with that comment even being allowed to stand, let alone left unchallenged?!). It seems that no matter what happens, nothing is learned from the participation of these types of men in feminist political discussions. Because when I need to understand how white, heteronormative patriarchy operates, nobody better than a cis, white dude to explain it to me, amirite?

* On this topic, Trudy has been writing extensively at Gradient Lair as well, I suggest you check her posts for more coverage.

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