Why isn’t Tumblr yellow for happy people?!!!!!!


Not even with a ten-foot pole.


My brain. I need to go fetch it at a neighboring city because it deserted me.

I’m annoyed. i hate the color purple, and honestly, i dont care to get all emotional about these damn suicides. yeah its sad, i dont need to hear it from you. but my God, has tumblr ever been camo for the THOUSANDS of troops that have lost their lives? has tumblr ever been friggin yellow for the people that are actually happy?! no, and tomorrow none of you are going to be saying a damn thing about this ever again. tomorrow, everything will be as if it never happened.

I have another proposal: can Tumblr turn “brick red” for the ignorant asshats that have access to computers and feel it is god’s design plan for them to type nonsense?


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