Why why why

did I miss the Gawker hacking debacle? Now everyone in possession of a database is asleep and I won’t even know if my data showed up. Also, if it did show up, why didn’t I have the foresight to populate all my personal data with links to goatse or two girls, one cup? Why?

ETA: Also, you might be a genius (and I sincerely believe Denton is on the intelligence scale, a superior mind), but, if your social skills are such that in a public interview you call your commenting community “ghetto” and accuse said “ghetto” of bringing down the reputation of your site, do not be surprised when the “ghetto” revolts and does something nasty. It’s bound to happen. A media company that openly shows disdain for its readers (the same people who made the company what it is), is going to find itself in trouble. People are not very nice when they feel personally belittled.

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