Women’s rights in Europe

It is a known fact that I have little patience for the sorry state of what passes for European mainstream feminism. The promotion of white, corporate career values, the condescending and patronizing treatment of Women of Color, etc etc. However, of all the reasons why I have so little patience, this report with the names (when known) and individual details of each death in the EU of every undocumented immigrant for the past twenty years is the main reason why I want nothing to do with this kind of feminism. A few examples of the deaths of women, children and unborn babies who were supposedly under the care of the European Union: 

  • 03/06/11 1 N.N (30, woman) Nigeria found dead in police cell, was detained for having no papers in Zurich airport (Switzerland)
  • 12/04/11 1 N.N. (woman) Nigeria pregnant, died from drinking sea water, boat of 72 went adrift in Mediterranean for 16 days; refused assistance by NATO 
  • 12/04/11 1 N.N. (2 months, fetus) from Nigeria; mother died from drinking sea water, boat of 72 went adrift in Mediterranean for 16 days; refused assistance by NATO 
  • 07/01/11 1 Borka T. (woman) from Kosovo; brain hemorrhage, could not receive medical treatment once deported from Germany to Kosovo
  • 27/06/10 1 Zahara Bare (42, woman) from Somalia; pregnant asylum seeker in a Leersum asylum centre (The Netherlands) who was denied urgent medical care 
  • 27/06/10 1 N.N. (fetus) mother died when denied urgent medical care in a Leersum asylum center in The Netherlands
  • 03/03/10 1 N.N. (13 months old, girl) from Nigeria; refused hospital treatment in Cernusco sul Naviglo (Italy) due to new discriminatory laws
  • 16/04/10 1 Yeni P. (34, woman) from Indonesia; suicide, hanged herself in deportation centre in Hamburg (Germany)

And these are just a handful of cases from the thousands (read carefully here: THOUSANDS) that happen each year across the EU. 

I cannot have any part in a movement supposedly representing women’s rights that will not put the rights of these vulnerable women and children at the center and, instead, peddles the kind of “corporate values” that lead to the creation of institutionalized deaths like the ones listed above.

Let’s lament how some career women “cannot have it all” while thousands of other women are denied life itself for “political” reasons, shall we?

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