Yes, that is mostly correct: I am not apologizing for the article itself. I am, however, acknowledging that it was a big mistake to post it in the manner that I did. (And no, it’s not nepotism or trolling. It’s exactly what I said it was in my post — something I wanted you to discuss.)

An email from Jessica Coen to a commenter at Tiger Beatdown who had the temerity to complain about the anonymity granted to the rape apologist. Notice it clearly spelled: I am not apologizing for the article itself.

Something I wanted you to discuss”, she sounds like a bad teacher with an inferiority complex, one that punishes students who challenge her because she is in charge! Also, who does she think she is to state that she wants people to discuss something?

The problem with a site’s reputation being trashed is that even if you post meaningful material, nobody will believe you anymore. Today there are a couple of posts about racial matters on the front page. After the many racist comments by editors and writers on the site, my reaction to those posts is one of cynicism and disbelief. I know they simply do not care.

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