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ourcatastrophe replied to your photo: AJ Daulerio Really, “feminist safe space”,…

um. yeah? i don’t think drag is automatically sexist…

It’s not about the sexism, it’s about the fact that he is a hipster. He is ironically in drag (which makes it offensive in so many levels). I don’t know if you saw the site yesterday (Jezebel, I mean), which he was editing for the holiday, but it was post after post of semi patronizing, condescending, boring fluff. Not even one post with some degree of respect for the readership. I would love for Jezebel to be edited (either for a day or for a longer period of time) by a guy, but the editor of Deadspin posting about anal sex and saying the word “clit” makes him icky was as bad as it sounds. It’s supposed to be a joke (or so the readers were told) but I cannot find it in me to laugh when someone posts “hey ladies, I was told you don’t like to take it up the butt”, etc. I guess it’s funny if one finds Adam Sandler bro movies funny.

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