An open letter to the world:

This isn’t about excluding or denying that people who aren’t gay commit suicide as a result of bullying/depression/etc. This is about addressing the fact that gay teens are statistically more likely to kill themselves. This is about addressing the fact that our system specifically encourages and condones the idea that GLBTQ+ people are less than straight people. 

Let’s cut the crap. We’re all human. What goes on in our bedrooms, what goes on with our private bits, is really not anyone else’s business but our own.

Much Love,


I started the day (a good 10 hours ago) writing about my friend Alejandro who killed himself by jumping in front of a train. This girl has brought tears to my eyes.

Ella, thank you. When I am feeling jaded or despondent, I promise to watch you to remind me that there is hope. You are awesome.

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