Is Marxist Consumerism the political equivalent of Sexism Positive Feminism? – Feminism is a Communist Plot

Many of the problems men and boys face today relate to feminist ideology, and you will read a lot about that here. But most of that is just addressing a symptom of the problem. *The core of it is what I call Marxist Consumerism. It is a term that would ostensibly appear to be an oxymoron, but is actually a perfect description of where society is heading. *Our cultural evolution is tracking toward a dumbed down population of brainwashed consumer units who are wholly owned and controlled by a State that is now a government/corporate complex. *And it rules, largely by a system of Governance Feminism. *Let me explain from the start:

Feminism is a Marxist strategy designed to undermine the family and all other traditional institutions so that the primary relationship individuals have is ultimately with The State. *In the process of accomplishing this, private property, the only tangible proof of individual liberty, becomes a thing of the past. *That is your New World Order in a nutshell. *And if your eyes are open you have been watching it happen for most or all of your life.


Because once you take away man’s social status and dignity, and his authority in the family, the only thing he will fight for is a paycheck, some benefits and misguided nationalism.* He will never again challenge the government he lives under, no matter how tyrannical or oppressive, because he has nothing of meaning left to protect.* And men, despite the pervasive cultural mendacities of our time, are hardwired not to even complain on their own behalf, much less to fight for themselves as a group.

You know, I wish I made this stuff up. Alternatively, I often stumble upon sites like this (really,, unironically) and I immediately think I am in the presence of some weird Art project designed to expose some obscure semiotic principle I am not aware of. But then I realize these people are for real. That they mean every word they write, no matter how nonsensical. And then I silently weep.

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