Well not really anger but a couple more thoughts around my musings on radical anger, feminism, etc. In my quest for a framework that includes ethics and praxis in feminist politics, I also started to scrutinize how the discourse surrounding reproductive justice is articulated in mainstream media. I am more interested in how the “pro choice” side comes across (because really, at this point, I don’t feel like dissecting the pro life camp’s bigotry). And this is the part where media, feminism and discourse are intertwined. In general, the right to chose is framed as “a good thing because it gives women freedom”, which I fully agree (as if this needed clarification, I am fully pro choice). However, this supposed “freedom” in media discourse is actually code for “the freedom to participate in the market economy” (i.e. have a career, produce goods and services, become full time participants in exchanges of goods and services for pay, etc). Which, of course, is no freedom at all. As in, there is no other choice but to participate in a capitalist economy in some capacity. We cannot drop out of it, as it were. So this supposed “choice” is actually devoid of choice. 

And these are the kinds of analysis of “moral dilemmas” or “ethical frameworks” I was looking for and how they can be deconstructed (and addressed) within feminist praxis.

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