Type these words into your iTunes library and name the first song that appears.

(downlo, missbananafish, quitelikely):

happy: Happy when it rains – The Jesus and Mary Chain

sad: Sad but true – Metallica (Don’t judge)

love: Let’s fall in Love – Anita O’Day

hate: Hateful – The Clash

light: Familiar Light – Asobi Seksu

dark: Dark Entries – Bauhaus

good: Good Morning Blues – Count Basie

bad: Bad Girl – Madonna

smile: A Sunday Smile – Beirut

cry: Boys don’t Cry – The Cure

girl: Girl – Beck

boy: Yah Boy – Africando

(via ebonymoon)

(via accioangela)

I’m adding a bunch because this is amusing:

woman: Woman – Chaka Khan

man: El Manisero – Bola de Nieve

death: Death Of A Disco Dancer – The Smiths

life: Lust for Life – Iggy Pop

beautiful: It was a Beautiful Day in August – Diana Krall

ugly: (No search result)

friend: I wanna be your boyfriend – The Ramones

enemy: (No search result)

mother: The Mother Song – Krishna Das

father: (No search result)

sister: Sweet Soul Sister – The Cult

brother: Four Brothers – Anita O’Day

hello: Hello Spaceboy – Pet Shop Boys and David Bowie

goodbye: Say Hello, wave goodbye – Softcell

remember: I remember you – The Ramones

forget: Don’t you forget about me – Simple Minds (WTF is that doing in my library?!)

sun: Sunshine Recorder – Boards of Canada

moon: Under the Killing Moon – Echo and the Bunnymen

dream: Breaking in your Daydream – Die Haut

nightmare: (No Search Result)

heaven: Heaven can wait – Charlotte Gainsburg

hell: Living Dead Girl – Rob Zombie

dance: Let the Music Play – Barry White dance mix

music: Una Musica Brutal – Gotan Project

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