Yale says: don’t bitch; you already won ALL the battles

After the Delta Kappa Epsilon group of bros shouting around campus “No means yes, yes means anal”, a few gems about The right kind of feminism via Yale Daily News (yes, there is a right kind of feminism, which we shall call patriarchy approved, and then there is the wrong kind, which is the kind of feminism douchey bros find annoying; be grateful Yale Daily News is here to explain the difference between the two):

However obnoxious, the chants were not — as the Women’s Center and feminist blog Broad Recognition originally suggested — “an active call for sexual violence.” We do not believe that a drive to inspire rape motivated the young, impressionable brothers on that cold Wednesday night. As the Center responded with histrionics, what could have been an opportunity for our campus to maturely and gracefully reprove public stupidity and affirm mutual respect turned into a daylong, private spat. Although the fight was, ostensibly, resolved on Thursday with DKE’s apology, the rest of us were left unsatisfied.

and then this:

Feminists at Yale should remember that, on a campus as progressive as ours, most of their battles are already won: All of us agree on gender equality. The provocateurs knew their audience’s sensibilities and how to offend them for a childish laugh. They went too far. But the Women’s Center should have known better than to paint them as misogynistic strangers and attackers among us, instead of members of our community; after all, they once partied in the brothers’ basement.

See? Women, KNOW YOUR LIMITS! And above all, when a douche goes around campus promoting rape, do not take offense. They didn’t mean that kind of rape.

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