Your parents dominate Social Media

Brian Solis did some data crunching on The Age of Social Networks, analyzing the demographics of 19 different social media sites and surprisingly, what came up is not what most of us would have imagined. Two examples (I am just picking the two most popular ones, the complete list, with more graphics and commentary at the link above):

Twitter – More than 25% of users are 35-44, trailed by the 45-54 group at less than 20% (65% of all users are over the age of 35 with less than 20% representing the 24 and under age groups)

Facebook – ~25% of users are 45-54 with the 35-44 group at just 20% (61% are 35 or older)

Tumblr was not included in the study, but I suspect it would show a younger demographic than all the others.

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